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Fall turfgrass establishment


The weather of this year has stressed turf and there are certainly turf areas that you might need to reestablish this fall. The short term weather forecast certainly doesn’t look very cool and moist, but even though the temperatures may be high, this is still the ideal time to establish turf. Competition from annual weeds such as crabgrass is absent, and shorter day lengths means less time for daytime drying. The immediate challenge for grass establishment is soil moisture, as in many areas it has turned bone dry and unless you have irrigation, establishment could be tricky at best.



Crabgrass - maturing plant by Turf King Lawn Care

Somehow, this summer has been ideal for crabgrass. Lots of it everywhere, often in lawns that have not been bothered by it for several years.

Crabgrass seed is thus shown to have seeds that remain viable for a long time.

On the other hand, this is a reminder that good grass seed also keeps its ability to germinate after a long time. Once in a while, someone will ask, "I have a package of grass seed in the basement that's been there for years."

As long as it is quality seed, throw it on the lawn. Its viability will be lessened, but you have nothing to lose.


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