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No matter what the source of fertilizer – be it natural, ‘organic’, synthetic, mineral, or processed – the nutrients and their resulting benefit to the plants are all the same.

Following are the three key ingredients in fertilizer formulations.  These major elements are needed by all plants for healthy growth.

Nitrogen:  produces green top growth, aids the ability to recover from damage and stress (heat, cold, drought).

Phosphorous:  promotes good root growth and is a vital ingredient in the plant’s metabolic process.  It is also necessary for seed development.

Potassium:  essential for the growth and development of the plant cells.  Also promotes increased tolerance to foot traffic.

The next three nutrients are known as minor elements and are needed in minute quantities, but their presence is essential for vital plant functions.

Calcium:  is a structural element that is also necessary for cell division and plant growth.  Lawns that are calcium-deficient are susceptible to disease.

Magnesium:  is an essential element in the photosynthetic process that allows green leaves to turn carbon dioxide and sunlight into sugar and oxygen.

Sulfur:  is needed to help plant utilize nitrogen.  It also functions to increase the cold tolerance of lawns.  A lack of sulfur results in stunted growth and may increase the occurrence of fungal disease.

Regular proper feedings can ensure that your lawn has all the nutrients it needs. Soil Testing may also be a means of determining soil nutrient levels and possible deficiencies.

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