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Wanted Dead or Alive - Grubs

 Baby Grubs have Hatched

Grub treatment time is coming.
Inspected a lawn today, found chinch bugs, leatherjackets and baby grubs.
This guy was not the smallest one I found, but the one that stayed still enough to pose for his mug shot.
Although there was a fairly large patch of dead, brown lawn, I'm sure that the damage was due to the many chinch bugs crawling around. The white grubs are newly hatched. Yes, they may be starting to feed but I think it is unlikely that they have caused the damage that started 2 weeks ago.
Nematodes should be applied to lawns where there are grubs or where the risk of grub infestation is high. Nematodes have to be applied when the grubs are present. The difficulty for lawn care operators is that not all grubs will hatch at the same time. In the lawn above, the various grubs were different sized. A smaller one was half the size of the one pictured above. Treating too early means some grubs may be missed.
Please call if you have a need for a grub treatment.
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