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A customer asked about an opossum living under their deck.

Here are some sites with basic information about these creatures, their habits and biology.

Opossum Removal - seems getting rid of them is not easy, so there are some of companies in the business of removing 'possums'.

For do-it-yourselfers - the best advice I could see was to make sure there wasn't any food for them nearby. Sometimes, though, the food they find is at your neighbour's, but the opossums are living under your deck.

Repellent - apparently the fox is the opossum's most feared predator. So here is a place that sells a product that has the scent of foxes.

I remember 25 years ago there was a Zoo Poo product from the zoo. Now if it had enough lion and tiger product - maybe that would work??

Otherwise no products that are labelled for opossum removal or control.

The MNR site recommends trapping.

Opossums are not our specialty but lions we can handle - dandelions that is.

Need to get rid of weeds like dandelions

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Turf King Staff Stay Informed on Lawn Care Topics


Four members of Turf King - Hamilton staff recently attended the 2011 Ontario Turfgrass Symposium at the Unlversity of Guelph. Their attendance is part of the firm’s continuing commitment to excellence and education of its lawn care technicians. These seminars are structured to provide information and updates of interest to lawn care professionals as well as golf course and sports field professionals.

 The Ontario Turfgrass Symposium is a premier education symposium developed exclusively for the Turfgrass Industry. This professional development program is presented by the Guelph Turfgrass Institute, Nursery Sod Growers Association of Ontario, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs, Ontario Recreation Facilities Association, Professional Lawn Care Association of Ontario, Sports Turf Association, Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation and the Office of Open Learning, University of Guelph.


Some of the speakers included Dr. François Hébert, University of Guelph, Pam Charbonneau, OMAFRA, and Dr. Ken Carey, Guelph Turfgrass Institute.


The Seminar topics included such things as:

  • Using corn gluten-based products for weed control in turf
  • Fiesta™ and Organosol® for broad-leaf weed control
  • Alternative Strategies for Growing Turfgrass without conventional herbicides
  • Alternative pest management
  • Turf seeds vs. weed seeds: The ultimate competition for space and nutrients

The firm's owner, Gerry, encourages the Turf King Hamilton’s lawn technicians to stay abreast of current practices and emerging technologies. By being aware of the lawn industry, "our technicians are better prepared and well informed. They can provide better service and helpful information to our valued lawn customers."




An industry pioneer since 1962, Turf King Hamilton has grown into a brand that ensures that its clients are well looked after by the King of Green. Our goal is to provide the best Lawn Care in this area and to continue our commitment to serving our customers with a level of service that is unmatched. For more information or to request a lawn evaluation, please visit

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