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Fiesta Application By Turf King Lawn Care

Fiesta weed control was applied to these weeds on November 7th.

Fiesta Application By Turf King Lawn Care

This is what they looked like on November 16th, about 9 days later.

Fiesta Application By Turf King Lawn Care

Fiesta continue to work even in the cooler weather, especially compared to Sarritor which need relatively warm conditions to get the fungus activated.

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Visiting in Minihaha Falls Park in Minneapolis.
I suspect that a tree was removed from this lawn sometime in the past year or 2. The fungus organisms decaying and decomposing the roots have popped up their fruiting (reproductive) structures= mushrooms, because of the weather conditions.


Is this a Giant Mosquito?

No - it is an adult Crane Fly.

Leatherjacket larvae eventually turn into an adult Crane Fly. Leatherjackets can be a lawn insect pest in Southern Ontario.

The leatherjacket larvae feed on the crown, roots and foliage of grass plants. If there are enough of them, the damage can be severe. See Lawn Damage 

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