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July 22

Ricky says
Hi, I have a blue spruce and see moths flying around everywhere. The leaves have disappeared on the top and seems like tree is deteriorating significantly. Are you able to help?

 Hi Ricky

Right now what you are seeing are the male gypsy moths looking for the female gypsy moths. The females do not fly around. They pupate on or near the trees they want to lay their eggs on so the caterpillars will be close to food next spring. They emerge from their pupa and wait for the males.
The blue spruce needles were eaten by the gypsy moth caterpillars earlier this year- the damage is done- treatment earlier may have reduce the number of moths and the damage.
The males are not easily controlled as they fly around all over the place.
To help the spruce tree recover from the damage- you should try to help it healthy and try to relieve its stress
So make sure to keep it watered if we have hot dry weather
Feeding will also help- Tree can be fed trees up until July 15- They should not be fed after July 15
Deep root feeding can be done mid October to early November- 
Fall feeding put the nutrients into the tree so that they are ready to be used when growth starts in the spring.
The blue spruce should be checked for egg masses- which should be removed
I would suggest waiting a few more weeks - if you did it now, more egg masses may still be laid
The caterpillars won't hatch until next spring. 
IF you have birch maple or oak check them also ad the gypsy moth caterpillars also like these species.
If it was a birch or maple- i would say wait until the leaves come off and it will be easier to find the egg masses.
Next spring consider using Acecaps to control the caterpillars before they damage the tree.
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