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We do tell people that weed treatments are not easy, Fiesta is the only registered product in Ontario that is labelled to control dandelions.

But if one uses the organic weed treatment on a regular basis. (Turf King recommends 4 treatments per year) and a lawn care program that provides top quality fertilizer to keep the lawn thick and healthy- much can be achieved.

Weed Treatments make a Difference in Lawn Care

The property in the foreground has been treated by Turf King for the past 3 seasons. It is irrigated and maintained by a Landscape company.

The lawn across the road- who knows what has been done-??

If you zoom in- you may be able to see a number of dandelions in the lawn in the foreground, but they are few and far between (not perfect by any means) and a great deal better than not doing anything.

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