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The first Dandelions of the season are a marker in the lawn care business. 

I drove to a stop sign and saw some yellow flowers in the lawn across the road. Are those dandelions already? So I crossed the street to take a closer look.

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Sure enough, they are dandelions. The first of the hordes have arrived. This piece of lawn is on a slope and faces south. So it means that this patch of lawn is in a warm and sunny spot. 

The first blooms of dandelions are one way to tell if the season is early or late.

When first dandelions blooms are seen on the 27th of April -  this means that this season is about 7-10 days later than normal. In some years, when the weather is earlier than normal, dandelions can be seen as early as mid April

Of course, it seems like it has been a long time since we have had a normal season.

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