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Good Morning Gerry:
We have noticed a great increase in apparent raccoon digging in both our front and back yards. And having dug in the gardens & lawn, we note that we have seen (and swished) many grubs.
So our question is: have grubs developed an immunity to the current nematode application, or the converse, has the nematode application changed or weakened in any way?
If the nematode application isn't working, is its recipe being changed to make it more effective?
Craig & Sue
Grubs are hard to control in lawns
Hi Craig Sue
Thanks for asking
Nematodes are the only product available. and they haven't changed nor do I think the grubs have changed
It consists of 2 varieties of nematodes that are known to infect grubs
Tests at the Guelph Turfgrass Institute show nematodes to be 50% effective against grubs. 
Given that in "laboratory" conditions- they are getting 50%- in home lawn under less than ideal conditions- results may be less.
The applications put literally millions of them on the lawn.
But you are dealing with a microscopic worm- a living organism that need moisture to survive and to move in the soil to its target.
Since there are no other alternatives- the choice is do something - knowing that it is not as effective as we may like or do nothing and take your chances.
Currently there are no indications that a higher rate or applying more often (both of which would substantially increase the cost) are going to increase the % effectiveness.
I know they are continuing to test various scenarios, but there are no other lawn care recommendations at this time.
Turf King recommends treating for grubs with Nematodes as part of your comprehensive lawn care program/package
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