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Sometimes homeowners like to tackle problems in their lawn by themselves. DIY's (do it yourselfers) sometimes can do a reasonably good job. Sometimes, they choose the wrong product or apply the product incorrectly.

Check out this person's attempt at DIY lawn care.

Lawn Care gone wrong by DIY

It looks like there were weeds along the driveway- which is a typical place for weeds to invade a lawn. Edges are always weaker- due to heat from the asphalt and concrete, due to more compaction from foot traffic or automobiles. And, weeds like dandelions blow easily across the pavement and are caught by the grass blades along the edge.

It appears that the lawn was sprayed by an non selective weed product. As a result the lawn has a burn from the sprayed herbicide. Note the circular patterns of the burns. This is very typical of when spray is applied with a spray bottle.

There are two types of non- selective weed products.

In the first category, there are a couple that contain vinegar or soap type formulations. These products will burn off the tops of plants - especially in warm weather. 

Unfortunately when applied to patios or driveways, the products will only kill off the tops of the weeds. For young weeds, killing the top will often kill off the whole plant. Some of the more mature weeds, however, are able to sprout back from their roots and will need a second (or third) treatment.

Fortunately, in this situation, the grass plants are usually more mature, and the lawn will likely recover within several weeks. In this situation, we are fortunate that the weed killer doesn't work all the way down to the roots.

In the second category, are products that do kill all the way down to the roots. Products like Roundup control the weeds by killing both the top of the plant and the roots. if this is the case, the lawn will need to be repaired by seeding.

According to Ontario's Cosmetic Pesticide Ban it is not legal to use Roundup to control weeds in your lawn or driveway. It is to be use to control noxious poisonous weeds like poison ivy and giant hogweed.

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